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Activities You Can Do with Social Distancing & No Contact Restrictions

TEACHING WITH SOCIAL DISTANCING and no contact restrictions in mind, though a challenge, does not necessarily mean we have to throw everything out and start afresh. Many of our old favorites (and new ones!) can be successfully done even with these restrictions in mind. Here is a list of my brainstormed ideas, please add yours in the comments!

Activities for world  language class with social distancing restrictions Spanish French
'Listen and draw' Activity
*Freeze Dance
*Simon Says
*What’s missing?
*What doesn’t belong?
*Where’s the ___? (Example on this post here)
*Listen and Draw
*Read and Draw
*Draw and label
*Picture book Walks
*Video Walks
*Four Corners (modify by labeling each corner with a number, kids then indicate the corner they want to “stand in” by showing the number)
*Reciting Poems
*Would you rather?
*Polls & surveys
*Color by number, dot to dots with numbers out of order
*I spy
*Guessing games of all kinds
*Crafts (have the materials organized in small paper bags & ready to go)
*Yoga, Brain Gym and Tai Chi (See my post The Calm Classroom)
*Meditation activities
*Live webcams
*Mini books
*Journaling activities
*Brackets such as those for March Madness

Many of these activities I am also including on my Youtube library of ideas which you can check out by clicking here!

As well, individual activities in folders (which they don’t share and keep with them) and online via platforms like Seesaw, Google Classroom, and the many Kahoot style games, are all ones that can form a portion of class (I am really eager to not rely solely on digital activities for class as I do still want kids to interact with one another).

Using Paper Activities during Social Distancing and Remote Learning

Let’s also not forget that all those routines we do on a regular basis, greetings, lost teeth, birthdays, daily news, weather commentary, etc can still, and should, be done. Putting a kiddo’s name on the Ratoncito Pérez or La Petite Souris poster after losing a tooth is still so important!

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And a few Craft posts:

*Tissue paper flowers (to reduce movement & contact, have everyone make flowers the same color, such as yellow for marigolds, instead of choosing colors)
*Paper poinsettias
*Tiny Books

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