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Photo Prompt Activities for Remote School Learning with Pepita

MANY OF US ARE SUDDENLY IN NEED OF REMOTE LEARNING ACTIVITIES as our schools close for extended periods of time due to Coronavirus. I have created a set of 12 activity pages in Spanish you can send home with your students (click here to download for FREE), and thought that additionally some of you might want to keep connected with Pepita, the gang, and the themes from our resources. To that end, over the course of the next month (at least) I will be posting 2-4 picture prompts a week featuring our characters which you can share with your students.

Remote Learning Photo Prompt Activities for Elementary Spanish


*SHARE A PHOTO WITH STUDENTS-you can do this by downloading the photo from my drive (links will be updated on this blog post each week) and sharing it via the platform you are using to connect with students-just be sure to give photo credit where/if applicable.
*PROMPT STUDENTS to generate a list of vocabulary they see in the photo-could be one or two words, or could be many. These are geared for Novice students, so single words, chunks, & simple phrases are what one would expect at this level. You can have them record their words or type them (for upper elementary students). You can also pair the photo with a list of words they can circle virtually (such as on Seesaw)

So, for example, in the above photo, words generated could include:
rojo (a)
rosado (rosa)
cuatro frutas
Tengo hambre.
Me gustan las frutas
Me gustan las peras
No me gustan.....

I think you get the drift! :)

*SOME PHOTOS WILL CONTAIN PROMPTS-my plan is to have some of the photos come with prompts embedded in the image itself (for example, it could contain a question related to what is pictured) which I am hoping will provide extension for your students.

That's it- ¡pan comido! Here we go:

Click here to download :) 
En el zoo photo prompt for remote school learning
Click here to download
Click here to download
Photo Prompt for Distance Learning Pepita Nest
Click here to download 
Picture Prompts for Distance Learning in World Language Spring Crocuses
Click here to download
I love this one with the crocuses to foster seasonal vocabulary along with what's actually in the photo- spring, "it's warm out", "it's sunny", "I like spring"; you could also add the question Which is your favorite season? or Do you like spring? etc :)

Photo prompts for Remote Learning Picasso
Click here
I was inspired by the person who did an art museum for their guinea pig! These are props from our theme pack Pepita lee sobre Pablo Picasso :) And below, for French teachers, Monet painting in a field :)

Monet Field of Poppies Picture Prompt
Click here
Let's not forget about Frida Kahlo!! Here's a simple vignette with one of her paintings of fruit :) Some of the props come from my theme pack Pepita lee sobre Frida Kahlo :)

Frida Kahlo Photo Prompt for World Language
Click here


  1. Hi Julie, Thank you so much for sharing all your creativity and for creating this blog which is extremely helpful. I love your natural and effective teaching style, your videos (on Youtube) are awesome and all your products on TPT are brilliant! As an elementary World language teacher I am extremely appreciative to all your WORK!
    PS. I wish I was your STUDENT!!!!
    Sending you warmest regards ,

    1. Dear Karen,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement-I am thrilled to be of help, and so glad my resources are useful! Stay well, Julie :)