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PD from ME

Did you know I provide in-district and virtual professional development workshops as well as one on one coaching opportunities? Yes! I am available either to come to your district for on-site training, or provide the same virtually via Zoom or Skype. Tailored to you and your district's needs, my workshops are an opportunity to share my 26 years of experience and expertise in a rich dialogue on elementary language learning and best practice geared specifically to teaching young learners. If you want to learn more, and work on scheduling PD with me, email me at so we can get started!

Topics for Professional Development Include, but are not limited to:

-Building a Curriculum based on Best Practice & Age Appropriate Content
-Using the Proficiency Levels for Planning Instruction
-Teaching in the Target Language-Strategies and Concrete Examples to Make this a Reality in Your Classes
-Teaching Culture
-Classroom Community & Management

NNELL Keynote Address, 2018
Workshop fees:
*$700 for a full day workshop, $350 for a 1/2 day workshop
*$300 preparation fee for a full day workshop, $150 for a 1/2 day workshop
*If in district (on site), travel expenses paid by the welcoming district include mode of transportation & hotel
*Materials provided include (depending on topic of workshop): Samples el Mundo de Pepita resources related to topic(s), links to online resources for in class & professional learning, teacher resources related to assessment, language acquisition and more.

COACHING (via Zoom, Skype or telephone)
Looking for help in a particular area? Coaching sessions are a great way to get personalized, one on one assistance related specifically to what YOU want to talk about! Email me prior to the coaching session(s) to pinpoint topic & aid me in sharing solutions to your specific challenge(s).
*$50 per hour
*$85 for a two hour conversation
-Fees are invoiced via Paypal

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