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I am in love with this poster filled with positive comments for kids! A more thorough listing than I have seen before; perfect to post in my classroom next year! The link to the blog is : Caputxeta Creativa.

Galapagos! Activities for Spanish Class and beyond!

LAS ISLAS GALAPAGOS are a fun destination to teach about in elementary Spanish classes and beyond-with animals, the sea, and history as potential points of focus! Below are some great resources for little learners that lend themselves well to this topic.

*GEO TUBE Animals: I found this geo tube filled with animals from the Galapagos (iguanas, blue footed booby, tortoises, etc) at AC Moore several years ago; they are perfect manipulatives to use in a variety of activities, such as placing on a map of the islands, guessing games (see my What's Missing post here!), Four Corners, sorting based on animal type or mode of movement, etc. 

*BOOK We're sailing to Galapagos, by Laurie Krebs I purchased through Barefoot Books (, you can also find it on Amazon. The Spanish version is no longer in print, but you might be able to find it on Ebay, which is where I got my copy. If you are unable to obtain the Spanish version, the English version can easily be read bilingually, or depending on the level of your students, in Spanish with some modifications as the text does a fair amount of repeating, especially of actions which lend themselves well to acting out. The illustrations are lovely, and there are fact pages at the end about the animals featured. 

*BOOK Galapagos Girl/ Galapagueña by Marsha Diane Arnold and illustrated by Angela Dominguez is a bilingual story of a girl who grows up on the islands and learns ways to help save this fragile ecosystem.

*OUR MAGAZINES! Did you know we featured Las Islas Galápagos in our Mira el Mundo and Mira el Mundo Jr issues from November 2019. Both issues are still available and include non fiction information about the islands, it's volcanoes, animals, and plant life. They also include bunches of links to authentic resources for more exploration and learning. 

Click here to grab this issue!

*ANIMAL PRINTABLE PROPS: We also have a set of printable props featuring eight animals of the Galapagos Islands (plus a map of the islands, and the rocky coast) which can be used for games, centers, and more! You can grab them by clicking here!

Click here!

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