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Paper Poinsettia Craft for Spanish Class

POINSETTIAS are a beautiful part of the Christmas season, and, given their cultural connection to México, they also are perfect to incorporate into Spanish class in December. Our PAPER POINSETTIA craft is easy for little hands to make and is just right for when kiddos are a bit squirrelly and need hands on, concrete activities to remain (somewhat) focused.

WE'VE INCLUDED a FREE downloadable template plus instructions for how to make poinsettias in your classes- download it here! Since the craft is quite simple in nature, it also lends itself particularly well to giving the instructions in Spanish. Recorta la flor. Recorta las hojas. Pega una flor a la otra...and so on.  Choosing activities which are easy and intuitive to follow facilitates us teachers keeping to that ongoing goal of 90% in the target language!

AND, WHEN INCORPORATING into your class, a great go along read is Tomie DePaola's 'Legend of the Poinsettia' which sets a wonderful backdrop and history around the meaning of the poinsettia. Don't forget to read the end notes as they contain history about poinsettias!

DON'T MISS OUR 14 PIECE POINSETTIA BULLETIN BOARD SET! Featuring components of both the history and legend of the poinsettia, this is a great way to support your teaching via our visuals! Click here to grab it!

Poinsettia History & Legend Bulletin Board Set