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Tips for Sustainable December Celebrations -Bring an Eco-Verde Focus to World Language Classes

DECEMBER IS A PARTICULARLY GOOD MONTH TO COMBINE CULTURE & ECO VERDE ACTIVITIES in our world language classrooms as many celebrations unfortunately are marked by waste and excess. Educating our students at a young age to be more sustainable in their choices and actions is more important than ever, and allows us to integrate themes of social justice and environmental responsibility while also highlighting festivities in target language countries. Through out the month I will be posting photos to my Pinterest board 'Environment, Conservation & Recycling' under the section 'Eco verde Celebrations' which can be used to share as tips with your students & generate more conversation around this topic-I find my upper elementary students, in particular, are very interested and motivated to talk about ways to be environmental activists. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest & Instagram to see each tip as I post it!

Tips for Sustainable December Celebrations

Comer menos carne un diciembre sostenible

THE AMOUNT OF WATER needed to irrigate crops which in turn feed livestock is significant and causes regional issues and factions in various parts of the world. Reducing one's consumption of meat has a direct impact on the amount of water used in this industry. Here is a link to a great post on Instagram regarding how many showers are equivalent to sustaining one kilogram of meat.