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Taco Rubric Standards Based Grading

I am in love with this rubric! I made it a few years ago after discovering the 'hamburger rubric' and modified it to have a Spanish flavor. What I love most is the positive feel of each indicator; rather than highlighting what a student doesn't know or being punitive in nature in terms of grading, it emphasizes the progress of a student's work and gives him/her a direction to shoot in. When a student brings me something they are working on, I can say 'hmmm, it looks like you've got a shell and maybe some meat in there, but we still need some cheese and lettuce.' or 'Wow! This is a great start, I can see you are in progress. What are you going to do next to get to a full taco?'. Kids absolutely love the visuals and the concept, easily understanding the idea behind ordering something and getting it the way you like it, and are motivated to shoot for the free nachos on the side!

When introducing a new project or activity, I always share what a 'full taco' finished product would look like. This is important- kids need to know what is expected of them. I also mention some things that would make a 'free nachos' piece. This helps my elementary kids envision what going above and beyond looks like (often they have no idea!). 

My indicators are as follows:

No alcanza (1)- Getting Started
Pediste un taco pero sólo recibiste la tortilla. (You ordered a taco but all you received was the shell.)

Se acerca (2)- In Progress
Pediste un taco, pero sólo recibiste la tortilla con carne. (You ordered a taco, which you received, but all it had in it was the meat.
Satisface (3)- Right on!
Pediste un taco, que recibiste a tiempo, así como te gusta. (You ordered a taco, and you received it right on time, just the way you like it.)

Supera (4)- Above and Beyond
Recibiste el taco como te gusta, ¡y además te dieron unos nachos gratis! (You got your taco exactly the way you like it, but they also threw in some nachos for free!)

If you are interested in seeing the original hamburger rubric, visit this blog. You will need to scroll down a bit in order to find the rubric.

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¡Estamos locos por piratas!

We have caught the pirate bug! Long in the works, we are developing a minibook and activity pack designed around all things pirate- the minibook features clothes vocabulary and the verb ponerse... what will the activity pack contain? ¡Vamos a ver!
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