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So excited!

We are so thrilled to be part of TpT's blog post on Spanish teachers! What a wonderful community of professionals! See the post here.

Fun and easy colors activity for the beginning of school

My First Graders worked hard on learning their colors (among many other theme sets) last year in Kindergarten and to prime that vocabulary again we have started the school year off with a fun and simple colors practice activity using pompons.


First, I filled 20 bags with a variety of pompons, different sizes and colors. I also made a simple vocabulary sheet with stars on it, one for each of the colors. You can download the vocab page for free here: Star color review activity page

During class, each kiddo has a bag of pompons and a vocab sheet. Before we started, we reviewed the color vocabulary and then we were off! I said a color and instructed them to put all the pompons of that color on the appropriate star. Conversation ensued about how many they had and whether they were tiny, medium size or large, which was so cool! Once everyone had their pompons of that color on the sheet, I said another color and so on. It was really great to have kiddos start calling out colors as well!

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