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Summer Reading List 2021 : Picture Books

IT'S MY ANNUAL SUMMER READING LIST, bringing you AMAZING books that came out in the last year or that I discovered for the first time. I went overboard treating myself to these and several others-too many just impossible to resist! And don't forget to follow and support these authors and illustrators on social media-I've included their accounts if available. You can download a FREE list of these titles to share with families in your district by clicking here :)

*SI QUISQUEYA FUERA UN COLOR/ IF QUISQUEYA WAS A COLOR by Sili Recio and illustrated by Brianna McMurthy. I had pre-ordered this book when I first saw it was to be released-when it arrived on my doorstep I practically swooned. Vibrant illustrations bring the text to life in such thoughtful, touching ways-I adore this book! Using color as a representation of the Dominican Republic, Sili & Brianna highlight the people, food, and dynamics of the island, which I use as a jumping off point to connect our own cultures and representations. @SiliRecio @macabrii See my blog post here for free downloads and activities to teach this book in class!

*SHARUKO El Arqueólogo Peruano Julio C Tello by Dr. Mónica Brown & illustrated by Elisa Chavarri  tells the true story of Julio C. Tello, an indigenous archaeologist who pursued the history of his people, even in the face of challenges due to being Quechua-so well done, and such a great addition to learning about the history of Perú. @monicabrownbks @elisachavarri

*100% ME/ SOY 100% YO by Duane Carlos Crawford and illustrated by Dominican artist Jayri Gomez features a boy who is trying to figure out just who he is.. part African-American, part Peruvian, but 100% him! I love this book to highlight bicultural, biracial children and experiences. @jayrisart

*LA SELVA DE ZONIA/ ZONIA'S RAINFOREST written & illustrated by Juana Martinez Neal-can I say GORGEOUS?! Set in the Amazon jungle, this book follows an Ashaninka girl as she greets her animal friends, until she comes upon a clearcut portion of the forest, which prompts her mother to remind her everyone must help to save it. Notes at the back of the book give more resources on the Ashaninka people and animals in danger. @juanamartinez And be sure not to miss my theme pack Pepita lee sobre Nina Gualinga which includes activities for this book!

*GRACIAS, OMU! written and illustrated by Oge Mora. I just love Oge Mora's books-this one is ideal to use in the target language with some simple adaptation due to how the story is structured- Omu makes a stew which she shares with a variety of community members over the course of the book, who then show their appreciation by making a dinner for her. Wonderful message & super lovely illustrations! @ogemora  And don't miss my blog post on teaching this book in class-click here!

*A NEW KIND OF WILD written & illustrated by Zara Gonzalez Hoang- this sweet story of a boy who moves from Puerto Rico to New York City is a wonderful jumping off point to talking about friendship, moving to a new place, and how we can make someone feel at home while at the same time celebrating where they've come from. @zaprey

*YOUR NAME IS A SONG by Jamillah Thompkins-Bigelow and illustrated by Colombian artist Luisa Uribe celebrates each name as unique and beautiful. This is an amazing book to incorporate at the beginning of the school year and a wonderful way to initiate conversations about why learning how to say each others' names is so important. @jtbigelow @lupencita

*COQUÍ IN THE CITY/ DE AQUÍ COMO EL COQUÍ written & illustrated by Nomar Perez is a lovely story infused with Puerto Rican culture, telling of Miguelito who moves to Ohio and has to leave his beloved pet, Coquí, behind. The illustrations are bright and beautiful, while the storyline, semi-autobiographical, is easy for kids to relate to. @nomars_illustration (Instagram)

*G MY NAME IS GIRL written & illustrated by Dawn Masi  is an alphabet book and so much more! Each letter is the beginning of a girl's name from around the world, along with empowering adjectives to describe her. The illustrations are thoughtful, filled with social justice themes, and representative of cultures and identities worldwide. I adore this book! @dawnmasi (Instagram)

*LOVE IN THE WILD written & illustrated by Katy Tanis. This board book, inspired by the author/illustrator's nephew, is a lovingly researched book about love in all its forms amongst wild animals-I've incorporated this when talking about family :) @daughter_earth_illustration (Instagram)

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