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¡Hola! I'm Julie, creator of Mundo de Pepita, Resources for Teaching Spanish to Children. Mundo de Pepita was developed entirely from an elementary perspective, with little kids' interests and manner of learning foremost in mind, and is inspired by a set of books I learned to read on in Kindergarten in Florida back in the 70s. Our resources feature a collection of printable story books (minibooks) and, in many instances, an accompanying Activity Pack, designed to be used in teaching Spanish to children via a thematic approach, with the story book being the center of the theme, serving to introduce new vocabulary in context. Contextualization of vocabulary is key, and is based on sound research regarding language acquisition and teaching methodology. 

Each printable story book focuses on a particular vocabulary theme or linguistic concept of high frequency in the Spanish language, contextualized for maximum learning, and features adorable original illustrations which can be colored by students.  The Activity Packs provide lesson plans and extension activities to allow the teacher to develop an entire theme, and also support a spiraled curriculum as the minibooks and activity packs build upon one another- our Year Long Curriculum Packs are specifically designed to grow learning over the course of several years and include multiple examples of how you can tie previous learning in with new.

from 'Julieta y Mateo hacen un picnic' (Level B)
Along with our minibooks and activity packs, we also have a variety of materials that facilitate cultural integration, decorate your classroom, assessment materials, supporting materials to assist you in staying in the target language- and some 'just for fun' activities! Our number one priority is helping you do what you do best- teach!

In addition to our resources, we work hard to provide you with ideas, resources, and tips for teaching Spanish at the elementary level through our monthly email newsletter (sign up here!) along with our blog posts and online via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, & Youtube .We are always available to answer questions and provide support however it is needed! Just email us: ~Julie, Matthew, Pepita, and the gang

Below you will find a listing of suggested resources for Spanish per grade level for a year of instruction, based on 60 minutes of contact time weekly. Of course we have additional resources as well in our shop! :)


Second Grade

*Pepita lee sobre Celia Cruz Minibook & Activity Pack-Celia Cruz

*el Día de los Muertos Review- Make a Catrina, Dominos

*World Hello Day

*Roll a piñata Game

*Mateo el astronauta Mini Book & Theme Pack- Outer Space (includes planets, modes of transportation, food)

*Mis mascotas Minibook & Activity Pack-pets

*El almuerzo de Pepita Minibook & Theme Pack- review of me gusta/lunch foods

Fourth Grade

*Olivia hace salsa Mini book & Theme Pack- salsa/pico de gallo

*Mira el Mundo Jr Magazine, Oct 2020 El Xolo

*Yo soy.. Mini book & Theme Pack- adjectives to describe self

*Tió de Nadal- a tradition from Spain 

*Mateo y el mapa del tesoro Mini book & Theme Pack (this adventure story/minibook focuses on key verbs and objects having to do with a trip across an island to search out a treasure)

*Si Quisqueya fuera un color (hardcover book-will need to be purchased) Activity pages

*Pepita lee sobre Nina Gualinga Minibook & Theme Pack

*Traditional Board Games


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