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Resources for Teaching La Galette des Rois for French Class

LA GALETTE DES ROIS IS THE PERFECT KID FRIENDLY TREAT TO INCORPORATE IN FRENCH CLASS DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON! With few ingredients, and a wealth of tradition surrounding it, la galette is a French teacher's dream when teaching little kids (and big ones, too!) Here are some links, videos and resources that work well in class:

Resources for Teaching about La Galette des Rois in French class

*J'AIME LA GALETTE: This song, with lyrics below it on Youtube, is simple to learn, and well illustrated! The link is here. And in case you are looking for more versions, here's the link to one by Les comptines du zoo and one by Pinpin et Lili, one of my favorite channels!

La galette des rois in French Class

*WHISTLEFRITZ also offers a lovely version of La Galette des Rois song on their CD 'Carnaval' which you can grab by clicking here!

La galette des rois for french class for kids

*HISTOIRE: LA GALETTE DES ROIS: Although this video is most likely at a higher proficiency level than your students, it could definitely be used by making screen shots of the key components of the history of the galette, and placing them in historical order, or using small labels for the screen shots you've made. The link is here.

Teaching la galette des rois in french Class

*LA GALETTE DES ROIS GAME: This game is a fun & simple way to incorporate la galette with little learners! Kids take turns trying to guess behind which number you've hidden la fève, perfect for novice low students! You can grab the game in our shop here :)

La galette des rois game for french class

*RECETTE: This is a beautifully illustrated infographic of the recipe to make la galette, click here to view the entire infographic.

La galette des rois for french class

*ROULE GALETTE: The classic edition is available on Amazon by clicking here!

La galette des rois for french class

*and don't miss the adorable P'TIT LOUP EST LE ROI DE LA GALETTE which you can find on Amazon by clicking here :)

La galette des roi for french for kids class

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