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Chalk Flags from Spanish Speaking Countries on the Playground!

INSPIRED BY ANOTHER SPANISH TEACHER, I took my 4th Grade students out to the playground during Spanish class this final week to make chalk flags of various Spanish speaking countries- it was a blast!

TO MAKE THEM, I purchased several boxes of sidewalk chalk at the local dollar store, eight boxes in all, and printed out a number of flags using our color copier. I looked for flags that had a crest or emblem to add more to the activity, such as Bolivia, El Salvador, España, Perú, México, etc, but could have easily given choice of any of the flags. I had to supplement the sidewalk chalk with regular white chalk; that was a bit tricky since the regular chalk didn't last very long! Next year I will be looking for larger white chalk as we used quite a bit of it.

MY STUDENTS FORMED SMALL GROUPS OF 2-3, chose a flag, and got to work! They started with a large rectangle (most of them were about 3 feet by 4 or 5 feet, some a little smaller), and then began drawing the crest and coloring in the flags. Over the course of a thirty minute class, after giving instructions, organizing themselves into groups, and getting started on the flags, they were able to finish about half of each flag started given the size they drew the original rectangles. The group that chose Puerto Rico was able to finish their flag, but the others were finished by my next class, who took over.

MY STUDENTS LOVED THIS ACTIVITY! Next year, I need more chalk, and I will give them the option of making the flags smaller so they can finish them during our class period. I am also going to look for some other colors of chalk as we needed brown for a few of the flags (Bolivia, Perú, and Ecuador). It was a perfect final class activity!

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