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Receta para salsa tipo pico de gallo

The yumminess....a simple recipe which transports my Mexican friends back home :)

dos jalapeños picados (two jalapeños, chopped)
tres jitomates picados (three tomatoes, chopped)
una cebolla picada (one onion chopped)
dos dientes de ajo picado (two garlic cloves, chopped)
jugo de un limón verde (juice of one lime)
una rama de cilantro picado (a sprig/branch of cilantro, chopped)

Mezcla todo y ¡ya! (Mix all ingredients together and there you go!)

After my kiddos tasted the salsa, I had them fill out an exit slip indicating how they felt. You can download it here.

I love this video illustrating how pico de gallo is made- even though they may not understand every word, the visual representation is great!

Our own Olivia illustrates this recipe in our printable minibook 'Olivia hace salsa'! Find it here!

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