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Activities for Summer Camp in Spanish

IT'S SUMMER TIME and many of our little friends are heading off to camp for fun and adventure! We've teamed up with Fun for Spanish Teachers to bring you a whole host of great Spanish related camp activities perfect for little kids.

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SUMMER CAMP is all about being outside, so we've compiled a list of games and activities that will get your little campers out of doors, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine while learning about and using Spanish!

*HAVE A TEDDY BEAR PICNIC (or Stuffie picnic!): Invite your campers to bring in a teddy bear or stuffie, gather about on a picnic blanket, enjoy snacks and have the stuffies greet one another and engage in mini conversations in Spanish. Kids can describe their stuffies using color and size vocabulary, share their names, have the stuffies introduce themselves, and so on! Here are two of my 4th graders with their stuffies during this year's Teddy Bear Picnic:

*PLAY RAYUELA: If you've got some asphalt and sidewalk chalk, playing this timeless game is a must! There are endless ways you can draw a hopscotch board, but there are two elements one typically has in Spanish speaking countries- 'tierra' at the base and 'cielo' at the top.

*PAINT FLAGS ON STONES and use sticks to set up a 'Gato' (Tic Tac Toe) board outside: Break out the paints, sets of 10 small flat stones, and have your campers create the game pieces to play 'Gato'! Choose flags that are conducive to smaller surfaces, such as Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, etc and use acrylic paint to create sets of five stones for each flag/player. Once the game pieces are dry, head out to a grassy location, set up a tic tac toe grid with sticks and let the fun begin! (This is a great rainy day activity, too! Just play inside instead of out)

*MOUNT A SCAVENGER HUNT: With endless vocabulary possibilities, a scavenger hunt is always a great way to practice language! I wrote a post last year detailing how I created a bilingual scavenger hunt for my 4th graders... here's the link!

*ADD SPANISH TO ANY PLAYGROUND GAME : Already have a list of fun outdoor games to play? Why not do them in Spanish? Whether it be Frisbee golf,  a relay race, or a giant Twister board, it's an easy switch to play in Spanish- keep score, root for each other, call out colors for Twister, and so on. Lots of language forms any game playing, so tap into the high motivation campers have to play!  (TIP: if you don't have frisbee golf nets, just use plastic laundry baskets!)