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Fun Printable Props for Spanish Kid's Songs

PRE SCHOOL AND EARLY ELEMENTARY KIDS love to play and act out songs and poems, and what better way to do that than with props they can manipulate? I love to incorporate authentic traditional songs and poems from Spanish speaking countries- it's a great way to bring culture to the classroom while at the same time fostering language acquisition in context.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS is 'Los Pollitos Dicen', and my students love it, too! Once they are familiar with the lyrics, I break out our 'gallina', 'pollito', 'trigo' and 'maiz' props so my students can act out the song while we are singing. I put the 'trigo' and 'maiz' on the rug in the center of the circle, and hand out 'la gallina' and four 'pollito' stick puppets to students who form a smaller circle around the 'trigo' and 'maiz'. As the song plays, the kids who are chicks flap their wings, say 'pío, pío', mime being hungry and cold. The 'gallina' hunts for food, picks up and pretends to hand the 'trigo' and 'maiz' to the chicks, and puts her 'wings' out to have the chicks snuggle in, who then mime going to sleep. It's incredibly cute, and kids have a blast! Here is a link to a great version to this song on Youtube:

ONCE THE SONG IS OVER, I choose a new group of kids to come up and use the props, giving us another opportunity to sing the song! (Of course, we play until everyone has had a turn!)

ANOTHER FAVORITE OF MINE IS 'UN ELEFANTE SE BALANCEABA', perfect for practicing numbers and getting your kiddos up and moving! Have your students sit in a circle and choose one student to be the first elefante-hand him/her the elefante with '1'. Have this student walk around the circle as you play the song (see the link below from YouTube)- pause the song right as the second elefante is being called onto the spider web and have the kiddo stop, too. Choose a second student to join the first and hand him/her the next elefante (I like to choose names out of a hat or basket). Continue in this fashion until the song is finished. Each time a new student joins the line, you can ask the class ¿Cuántos elefantes ahorita? to add more numbers practice.

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    1. Hello and thank you for the question! You can follow the link in the post to purchase the resource through my shop on Teachers pay Teachers :) I hope this helps! Julie

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