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Mini Greeting Necklaces in Spanish & French, German & Russian

BUILD A FUN SCHOOL TO HOME CONNECTION WITH THESE MINI GREETING NECKLACES in Spanish, French, German & Russian! I created these while brainstorming ways to spread intentional acts of kindness (my #1 goal this year) at school, and most specifically something I could do on the first day with my Kindergartners. Originally I was just going to give each of them a bead as they left my room, but I realized that they will be transitioning to another Specials class (Music or Phys Ed) and many do not have pockets to tuck things into. Since the first word we learn in my Spanish classes is ¡Hola! , it occurred to me to make little necklaces - nothing to put in a pocket, and serves as a visual reminder as they head home of what we learned... and of course, they are a little present from me on the first day, a day that can be a tough one for littles!

Mini Greeting Necklaces for Spanish and French Class

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THESE FREE BY CLICKING HERE! Please tell me in the comments how they work for you! :) And don't mis our Spanish Theme Pack 'Buenos días', perfect for teaching greetings to little learners! Click here to grab it!

Greeting Necklaces for Back to School in Spanish French German Russian

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