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French Songs & Videos with an Autumn Theme for Kids

I LOVE AUTUMN AND I FIND MY STUDENTS DO, TOO! The leaves, harvest time, and the crisp air  and change in weather make for great topics in the foreign language classroom, and are natural themes to bring into class. They also lend themselves well to vocabulary sets like colors, numbers, preferences, animals and fruits and veggies, perfect for beginning students as well as older kids. Here are some cute songs and videos featuring autumn themes for the FRENCH CLASSROOM:

French Songs & Videos for Kids with an Autumn Theme

*MUSTI L'AUTOMNE: Musti is originally a Dutch cartoon for kids, but has been translated into a number of languages, including French. This video is perfect for a video walk for novice students, and/or as an activity to listen for key vocabulary. (and who can resist a hedgehog with an apple stuck to him? A perfect cultural touch!)

*LES SAISONS AVEC PINPIN ET LILI- L'AUTOMNE: I think Pinpin and Lili are just sooo cute! Here's a short video introducing autumn vocabulary-I love how it has an interactive piece at the end-pause so students can answer before it's shown!

*GATHERING APPLES OR DOING AN APPLE THEME? Don't miss Pomme de reinette et pomme d'api, a traditional, simple song perfect for elementary school. Add even more fun with our printable song props to go along with this! Click here

Pomme de reinette Song Props for French class

*LE VENT D' AUTOMNE : I am convinced Peppa Pig has an episode for every theme! Like above, you can use this as a video walk and/or to practice key vocabulary. You can also use this as a springboard for talking about favorite fall activities.

*CHANSONS D'AUTOMNE: This is a cute song for autumn!

*LES FEUILLES D'AUTOMNE: A cute video from Paco, Nouky and Lola, three animal friends enjoying the season!

*RENCONTRE D'AUTOMNE: I love these videos from Lulu Vroumette! This episode would be perfect for an immersion class or dual language program, as well as for a Video Walk!

Not sure what a VIDEO WALK IS? Here's the link to a post I wrote about how to use a video clip in class :) Click here!

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