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Celebrate el Día de la Patria en Chile 18 of September!

THE 18 OF SEPTEMBER IS EL DÍA DE LA PATRIA IN CHILE, a perfect time to learn more about this wonderful country and bring culture to your Spanish classes. Below you will find a bunch of links and resources to help you bring this day to life with your students!

Día de la Patria el 18 de septiembre Chile

*FIESTAS PATRIAS: ¿Qué celebra Chile el 18 de septiembre?: This is a short video from Chile- consider doing a 'video walk' if the Spanish is too high a level for your students-stop at various points and narrate the events yourself in more comprehensible Spanish.

*CHILE EN IMAGENES: This is a great video to take a visual tour of the country. You can also compare and contrast with where you live-Here are mountains in ___, do we have mountains? Are they big or small? The mountains in Chile are very big/ tall., etc.

*PASOS DE LA CUECA, LA DANZA NACIONAL: Click here for a great infographic that shows the steps to la cueca

*NATALIA UNA NIÑA MAPUCHE: Part of an AMAZING series on indigenous peoples in Chile. Again, these are great videos to do a video walk with, or to listen for certain vocabulary, or to extend an existing lesson. Click here for the video!

*ILLUSTRATED RECIPE FOR EL COMPLETO: a most delicious Chilean hot dog! Click here for the pin!

*DECORACIONES IMPRIMIBLES: This site features a bunch of ways you can decorate for el 18, including some here!

*PEPITA VA A CHILE Minibook & Theme Pack: Introduce your students to cultural aspects of Chile in Spanish with our activity pack-Click here to grab it!

Pepita va a Chile Theme Pack in Spanish for kids

¡Viva Chile!

CURIOUS ABOUT VIDEO WALKS and not sure what I mean? I wrote a post walking through a short video to give you a sense of how you can use an authentic video, even if the language is too complex for the proficiency level of your students. Click here to read!

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