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Big List of Back to School Resources & Ideas for Spanish Teachers WLES

BACK TO SCHOOL IS COMING SOON and I know you are looking for ideas & resources to help you make the beginning of the year (and the rest of it!) a great experience for your students. To that end, I've collected together a BIG LIST OF BACK TO SCHOOL resources, both ours and links to other neat ideas to help you make the most out of those first days and weeks! These are geared primarily for elementary Spanish teachers, but many resources would be useful in middle and high school as well.  If you have more, please post in the comments!

Back to School Resources for Spanish Teachers


*First Days in my Classes
*7 Actividades para las primeras clases del año escolar
*¡Ya sabes español! A First Day in Kindergarten Activity
*First Week of School in the Target Language with Señor Howard (I saw this in action at the NNELL Summer Institute 2018-amazing!)
*Write a Postcard Back to School Activity
*Setting a Positive Tone in Special Area Classrooms- An article from Responsive Classroom
*Tips for Being a Traveling Teacher
*Building Community from the First Day- a post from Ashley Uyaguari


*Señor Howard's First Day of School
*My First Class with Kindergarten 2017 
*My First Class with First Grade 2017


*Buenos días song from Super Simple Spanish
*Hola Hola from Spanish Together
*Buenos días from Babyradio, España
*Adiós from Super Simple Spanish


*Vuelta al cole song from Babyradio
*Inicio del año escolar videos collection on my Pinterest Board
*El primer día escolar Minibook & Theme Pack
*Printable Name Tags + Five Games to Play
*Hola Mateo Greetings Minibook
*School Vocabulary Video from Tío Spanish
*Advertisement for School Supplies (Pin)
*Me gusta ir al cole song from Nene León
*Canciones para establecer la rutina- blog post from Recursos para educación infantil
*Escuelas Argentinas- A set of videos made by the Argentinian government to highlight different schools in the country
*Acompáñame a la escuela : a series of videos featuring kiddos going to school in Colombia
*A Cultural Comparison of School Lunches blog post


*Creating a Classroom Space that Supports Language Learning
*Organizing Your Classroom Space from Nathan Lutz
*Classroom Tour- 25 Classrooms+ from Spanish Mama
*Bulletin Board Sets (calendars, classroom supports, country themes sets)
*Super cute bulletin boards from Señora Speedy


*Isabel and her colores go to school by Alexandra Alessandri
*Alma and how she got her name by Juana Martinez-Neal
*René has two last names by René Colato Lainez
*The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson
*Coquí in the City by Nomar Perez (good for new kids moving into the district)


  1. I’m an AP Spanish teacher in Arkansas but still found so many things I can use here. Thank you for taking time to share so many great ideas. last thing: I MUST know where to get a llama pencil pouch like the one in your photo. :-)

    1. Hello!
      I am so sorry I did not see your comment until just today- my apologies! Thank you for your kind words, and I am thrilled the post is useful; as to the llama pouch, I bought it in Walmart :)
      Again, so sorry for the delay in responding!
      Warmly, Julie

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