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Bastille Day Resources for Kids

BASTILLE DAY IS JULY 14TH and as part of my effort to learn more about the culture of French speaking countries, I decided to do a little searching on some fun resources for kids related to this holiday. This also connects to one of my goals for the upcoming school year-integrate more world culture, not just culture from the Spanish speaking world, in my elementary Spanish classes as a way to support my students who are heritage speakers of languages other than Spanish. Though we don't have a huge population of these learners in my district, we do have a fair number, and my room has been the primary place where they can share and talk about this heritage... but I want to bump it up some more! But I digress.... here are some fun links and resources I've found for Bastille Day, celebrated in FRANCE:

Bastille Day Resources for Kids

*PRINTABLE PAPER CITY: PARIS: Seriously adorable set of printable aspects of the city of Paris, a great way for little kids to engage in imaginative play. These could be used as a back drop for a fun skit, a mock tour, or as a prop to learn highlights of the city. You can download them here.

Bastille Day Resources for Kids Paper Paris Printable

*ADORABLE PARIS SIGHTS PRINTABLE CROWN: I am in LOVE with this crown! The illustrations are gorgeous, and what fun for littles to wear in class or at home! Download for free by clicking here. There are also cute printable invitations.

Bastille Day for Kids Printable Paris Crown

*CUTE VIDEO ABOUT PARIS: This is a lovely animated video about Paris in French.

*PLAY PÉTANQUE: Every year the language school I used to be Board Chair of organizes a fun game of pétanque as part of their Bastille Day celebration. Here is a video showing the rules:

*CELEBRATE FRENCH CUISINE WITH OUR PRINTABLE CRêPE PROPS: Featuring both sweet and savory toppings, these printable props are a fun way to practice vocabulary and culture at the same time! You can grab them by clicking here.

Make a Crêpe Printable Props French cuisine

*INFOGRAPHICS & MORE!: For cute infographics, images and maps of Paris, head over to our Pinterest Board here! Be sure to follow the board as I add new pins regularly :)

French Resources for Kids


Fleur va en France Theme Pack in French for Kids

What would you add? Please let me know in the comments!

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