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Comprehensible input infographic comparing La navidad and El Día de los Reyes Magos!

IT'S TRUE! I have fallen in love with infographics! And now that I have a Piktochart account, good-bye world, I'm busy lol. And for good reason; infographics are a great way to introduce or reinforce vocabulary in your foreign language class. Text is supported by loads of visuals, the information is presented succinctly and in chunks, and, of course it's all in context.

SO, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I give you my first infographic for my classroom. I wanted to organize a visual comparison of Christmas in the US and Three Kings Day, focusing on kid-related aspects of each holiday.


PROJECT THE INFOGRAPHIC ON YOUR SMART BOARD or print out (click here to download) and use it to introduce vocabulary. Ask low level listening comprehension questions which tap into previously learnt vocab such as colors, ¿Es ____, sí o no?, ¿Te gusta ____? and so on.

OPEN A DISCUSSION with your students about the differences of each celebration, comparing each aspect, which are organized laterally to facilitate comparison. ¿Quién trae los regalos? ¿En qué va Papá Noel? ¿En qué cabalgan los Tres Reyes Magos? ¿Qué dejamos para Papá Noel? and so on.

HAVE KIDDOS CREATE A VISUAL ORGANIZER of their own in an interactive notebook or on a small poster- this would be cute for older kiddos to create for youngers in your school!

CHECK OUT OUR Activity Pack designed to go perfectly with this infographic- we've included lots of picture cards of all aspects of these two holidays to extend the conversation and allow for comparative/contrast activities in the target language. Little learners will love being able to use the picture cards to categorize and compare the two holidays! You can purchase it in our store here! And see our post on how to introduce a comparison of these two holidays, complete with a short video of my class!

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