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Writing a Letter to Los Tres Reyes Magos- Support your Students with our Infographic

WRITING A LETTER TO LOS TRES REYES MAGOS is a fun way to incorporate language and letter writing skills while reinforcing culture at the same time. With an activity such as this, I like to give my students as much support as possible, especially since, for some, coming up with ideas can be a challenge. Enter our infographic! Geared for kiddos in elementary school (but certainly great for any age group!), I've included a number of things kids might put on their list to get their ideas flowing which can be used as a springboard for their own letter. Put the infographic up on your Smartboard or projector so the whole class can see the text- you can use this as a starter for a conversation around what they are asking for prior to writing letters; this also helps jog their memory of other vocabulary they know. You can also do a quick sí/no question and answer round asking your students if they would like each of the objects pictured on the infographic- an easy way to practice vocabulary and listening skills! Alternatively, you could get your students up and moving with a 'cross the line' activity- 'Cross the line if you want _____'. Once the brainstorming is over, off to writing letters! Click here to download the infographic below

tres reyes magos carta


three king's day letter template

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