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Summer Reading List for Elementary Spanish Students 2018

THIS YEAR A NUMBER OF FANTASTIC BOOKS came out with Hispanic themes and characters, and I made some new discoveries of great books that have been around a bit... here is my 2018 Summer Reading List for my elementary students, a wonderful way to carry on connections with your classes over vacation and involve families in the process. And don't miss my lists from 2017 and 2015!

Summer Reading List for Elementary Spanish Students 2018


*FRIDA KAHLO and HER ANIMALITOS by Monica Brown is another in Monica's long list of fabulous books!

*DANZA! by Donald Tontiuh tells the story of Amalia Hernández and the Ballet Folklórico de México- a wonderful additional to any non fiction collection.

*THE CHUPACABRA ATE THE CANDELABRA by Marc Tyler Nobleman is a silly tale of three goats who go off in search of the mythical chupacabra. A light hearted take on this legendary creature.

*LA CUCURACHA MARTINA A Caribbean Folktale by Daniel Moreton is a classic, beautifully illustrated in this edition! A wonderfully fun read aloud!


*LOLA LEVINE AND THE VACATION DREAM by Monica Brown is part of a series of short chapter books featuring Lola, whose mother is from Perú. This book in particular is excellent- Lola and her family go to visit her aunt in Perú.. the book is infused with culture just right for middle elementary students.

*STELLA DIAZ HAS SOMETHING TO SAY by Angela Dominguez is one I have on MY list to read this summer. The reviews on Amazon are glowing, and I love the theme- a little girl who is uncomfortable about her speaking abilities in both English and Spanish- I actually think this is great for kids of all backgrounds who speak another language at home!

*ME, FRIDA, and the Secret of the PEACOCK RING by Angela Cervantes is the much anticipated book featuring Paloma, who travels to México and becomes embroiled in a mystery involving a search to find Frida Kahlo's ring. Excellent choice for Frida fans as well as adventure lovers!

*THE EPIC FAIL OF ARTURO ZAMORA by Pablo Cartaya is a great recommendation for your boys! I am always in search of books that will appeal to the boys in the crowd, and this author delivers-and be sure to put his newest book on your wish list, out in August- Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish.

*RETURN FIRE (Moving Target, Book 2) by Christina Diaz Gonzalez is the second in this series which I LOVE! The adventure continues as Cassie wields the Spear of Destiny with unexpected consequences!

*PABLO AND BIRDY by Alison McGhee is the touching story of Pablo, washed up on shore and taken in as an infant, only much later to discover his origins in Cuba. This is an AMAZING book but a major tear jerker!

Please also visit my friend, Emily's blog, for even more great books! Here is the link!


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