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Uno, Dos, Tres Summer Vacation Activities for Families that Connect with Your World Language Program

SUMMER IS AN EXCITING TIME FOR OUR STUDENTS, as they head off on fun adventures, camp, or just lazing about in the back yard. As World Language teachers, we hope that what we've taught during the course of the school year will not be entirely forgotten amidst the sun and sand of vacation. Providing some ideas for families is a great way to remain part of their lives even while they are out and about.... here are THREE ideas families can easily incorporate and keep the language and culture flowing!

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Three Summer Vacation Ideas that Connect with Your World Language Program

1) GO SHOPPING in the target language! Parents and kids can make a shopping list together in Spanish, French, German, Russian, English... whichever language they are learning in school. This is a super fun way to bring the language into daily life and practice high frequency vocabulary! As items are put in the cart, kids can tick off the word on the list... for even more fun, kids can make labels for the kitchen using the vocabulary, or make these fun magnets with printable play food! Here is a FREE download for a shopping list in Spanish!

2) SUPPORT THE LOCAL LIBRARY by checking out books related to the target language and culture. Most libraries have a section with bilingual books, legends, myths, and more... have the librarian point you to some fun books to take home and enjoy together as a family. Books like 'Say ¡Hola! in Spanish', 'French for Kids', picture dictionaries, and books on tape are wonderful for families to learn together.

3) MOUK VIDEOS on Youtube are one of my favorite recommendations for families-created in the UK, Mouk and his friends explore all over the world in a kid-friendly, educational format. Here are a couple of fun episodes (they also come in other languages!)-send home some links to families so they can go on the adventures with Mouk!

What would you add? Share in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for your advice. I was looking for activities to my son and your blog is awesome :)