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A Simple Mamá y Bebé Activity for Mother's Day in World Language Class

LITTLE KIDS LOVE ANIMALS, so including them is always sure to increase the motivational factor from the get go. Since Mother's Day falls in the spring, and of course, spring means many animal babies, it creates the perfect combination for a fun and simple activity to do in world language classes! (NOTE: Variations on the game are included, too!)

Mother's Day Activity for World Language Class

*MAMÁ AND BEBÉ MATCHING GAME: Your little learners will love this fun matching game which also involved some movement- and you can add some CULTURE to the game by printing out pictures of animal moms and babies from countries where your target language is spoken. I've created a special section here on my Pinterest for Spanish speaking countries and one here for French. Print out the pictures of each pair of animals and affix them to stiff paper.

VERSION 1: Hand out the mamás and bebés- bebés keep the pictures "secret" while the mamás hold the pictures so everyone can see them. Call on a student who has a bebé- that student needs to find his/her mamá and pair up. (You can have them greet each other :) ). Call on another student and so forth until all have paired up. You can switch this around by having the bebé photos showing instead of the mamás.

VERSION 2: Have students sit in a circle- hand out the mamá photos which need to be kept "secret". Choose one babé photo, and a student. This student has three chances to figure out who has his/her mamá, using the phrase 'Are you my mother?' in the target language. If he/she finds the mamá, she gets to go again next round. If not, a new student is chosen to be the 'bebé' (I only allow two rounds consecutively before I choose a new student). Mix up the mamá photos before starting a new round, along with a new baby.

VERSION 3: You can use the photos to create a Memory game, matching moms and babies, which is a great centers or fast finisher activity! Just reduce the size of the photos by clicking and dragging them into a Pages or Microsoft document and then resizing.

VERSION 4: Take it a step further once pairs have been made and put them on the map according to where they live. You can either go macro (using continents) or more micro (using individual countries)-either way this is a great opportunity to spiral geography back into class!

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Te amo Mamá Mother's Day Activity Pack in Spanish

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