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3 Activities to Celebrate 100th Day of School in Spanish Class

IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS AROUND THE COUNTRY, 100th Day of School is a big deal! Kids celebrate in many ways, so why shouldn't we world language teachers get into the action, too?! Here are three simple activities to make 100th Day of School part of your class:

*MUÑEQUITOS QUITAPENAS: Count up to 100 with our foto of Guatemalan worry dolls! I've arranged them in groups of 10, with a break after 5, so you can count by 5s or 10s for your older kiddos! Just display this foto on your smartboard or AppleTV and count away!

100 Worry Dolls to Count for 100th Day of School

*CIEN PALABRAS EN ESPAÑOL: This is a simple activity with index cards (or get fancy and use scrapbooking paper!)- hand out an index card to each kiddo and instruct them to put a Spanish word on the card. Once they finish, they can take another card. Encourage kids to do 6-8 cards, then collect them all and go through them, weeding out the duplicates. Count how many you now have, and determine whether you need more in order to get to 100 cards. Pass out the required number of more cards and help the class to brainstorm words they haven't written yet. Once you have 100, you can string them together to make a banner!

100th Day of School Activities for Spanish Class

*PLAY MONEY: Print out 100 pesos, guaranies, quetzales, bolivares, soles, etc from a variety of Spanish speaking countries (just do a Google images search) and use a map to match money to country. You can even laminate everything and put velcro on the map and backs of the bills so you can easily attach them to the various countries! *NOTE: for some countries, 100 is no longer in circulation, or not as a bill, so you can either skip or print out vintage bills or coins. (And of course, you could use the money to have kids "buy" and "sell" things in a pretend market..always loads of fun!)

100th Day of School Activities for Spanish Class

UPDATE: I've just stumbled across these two songs from Pinkfong that are great for the littles!

DESDE 0-100 AÑOS VIDEO: I absolutely LOVE this series of videos in a variety of languages featuring people sharing their age, from 0 to 100 years old. 
Here are a couple of activities you can do with them:

*ORDER THEM!: Create screenshots of numbers by 10s (0, 10, 20, etc) & print them out. Mix them up, then have students order them numerically, saying the numbers in the target language as they do.  You can alternatively call out each number and have the kid w the number bring it up to place it in order for a listening activity. (You could also do this by 5s)

*FIND YOUR MATCH: Using the same screenshots, but inserting them into a Google Slide, Word or Pages document to resize & make them smaller, create two sets when then can either be using as a Memory Game or for kids to circulate around the room looking for their match (each kid gets one card). 

100 Days of School Activity with Authentic Video Screenshots

Here's ANOTHER ACTIVITY for 100th day of school which connects to identity and anti bias teaching- 100 PEOPLE COLORS :) 

100 People Colors for 100th Day of School

As you may know, Crayola labels their crayons in three languages, English, French, and Spanish. To prep this activity, I bought a pack of 100 blank index cards and then drew faces on each one-some with freckles, some with glasses, some with eyes closed or eyes open, etc. I also used the color names on the crayons to label each card, starting first with one single color, then mixing colors to form combinations-ultimately each card is a different people color! With younger students, you can have the crayon and matching card prepped ahead of time; with older students, you can have them search for the matching crayon(s) by reading the labels themselves and then coloring. Once all 100 are done, you can display them in the hallway, on a bulletin board, or other location in the school :) 

100 People colors for 100th Day of School

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100th Day Activities in Spanish


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