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My Back to School Checklist for Elementary Spanish Class

IT'S THE END OF JULY and though I still have much of the month of August left before I go back to school, my teacher self can't help thinking about those first days and weeks. With almost 400 elementary school students in 21 classes (that I see twice a week each) organization is what keeps me sane (and the chocolate!). At the end of last school year, I threw into a large pocket folder resources and materials I use at the beginning of the year so they are handy as I prep my room and myself. In spare moments (seriously, there were some?) I printed out stuff I knew I would need, such as name tags, Ratoncito Pérez tooth coins, birthday cards, etc and shoved them in the pocket, getting some things out of the way before August hit and I become a bit, shall we say, crazed?

I ALSO HAVE A CHECKLIST of things I need to prep every year, which I've turned into an infographic so you can see it for yourself. It's not exhaustive, but it covers the biggies! What do you do to get ready?

Need name tags for your students? How about ours? Find them here!

And don't forget about Ratoncito Pérez, the Tooth Mouse! He is, by far, the most memorable and tangible aspect of culture I share with my students- here's our Activity Pack with lost tooth posters, certificates, coins, and more!


  1. Hello Julie,
    I'm here because I was hired two weeks ago to teach Spanish to K-8. It is my first year teaching and I am not World Language endorsed. Let's just say my Spanish is...rusty. Your generosity with encouragement, expertise, and resources have meant my sanity these last two weeks. Thank you! I realize we may be neighbors based on your videos...would you consider mentoring or know someone in the Midcoast area who would? Just having a teacher I could send the occasional question to would be a tremendous help! Thanks!

    1. Hello Lisa! How exciting to be starting on a new venture, and yes, it can be challenging! Where are you located? I would be very happy to help out! Here is my email, let's chat!! :) Julie