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Using Washi Tape & Velcro to Make My Calendar

MY CLASSROOM CALENDAR has needed an update for quite some time...and I finally got myself in gear to redo it! I am not fond of the commercially available calendar pocket charts- just don't like the colors (they don't go with the rest of my room lol) so I put my thinking cap on and ¡Ta-chán! Why not use Washi Tape to make the grid? It comes in every color and pattern imaginable and looks super cute. Off to Michael's I went and bought some fun colors that work well with my calendar cards, used a yardstick and a pencil to draw the grid and then placed the tape accordingly. (no, the lines aren't perfectly straight...I had to live with that lol)

I ALSO DISCOVERED you need to make the pencil lines faint or they show through the washi tape!
Once I had the grid up, I stuck squares of velcro in each space (still need to do for the days of the week at the top of the grid!) and their corresponding other side to the back of the number cards. Note: my calendar starts with lunes, as many do in Spanish speaking countries- add culture wherever you can!) Now, I can change out the numbers easily each month or have the kiddos put them on. Love it!

ALONG THE SIDE, I put the months, also with velcro, as well as the month at the top- again, will be easy to change out each month. I still need to add the year, and cards for 'Hoy es ____', 'Ayer fue ____' and 'Mañana será ____' and then it will be perfect!

IF YOU LIKE THE CALENDAR SET you see in the pictures, you can purchase it as a printable download in our store here.

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