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Illustrate the recipe! Salsaaaaaaaaa!

My Fourth Graders are engaged in our Salsa theme, reading 'Olivia hace salsa' (our printable minibook..find it here in our TpT store), and using plastic fruits and veggies to 'make' salsa in class. Part of the theme is for my kiddos to illustrate the ingredients (this is a way for me to assess also whether they have acquired the vocab). Here is the activity page they use to illustrate: Ilustrar los ingredientes
Next week we will be making salsa for real...which not only provides a cultural experience, but each kiddo will have to fill out an exit ticket indicating how they liked the salsa (me gusta, me gusta mucho, no me gusta)- there is always an opportunity to use those favorites!

my kiddos reading the book and acting out the story

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