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Game: Grab it! for World Language Classes

INSPIRED BY PEQUETEACHER (LINK BELOW), I was able to adapt this game, GRAB IT! for my classes with hands on three dimensional (in most cases) items. Besides being a great review game for all sorts of vocabulary, it also has the advantage of being what I call a 'workhorse activity' meaning you can play it again and again with new vocabulary and old, across themes and grade levels. 

Game Grab it for World Language Classes

Here's the set up and play:

*First I decide on my categories and create slides accordingly. For example, for each round, I am going to give a prompt like 'grab something green' or 'grab a fruit'. I create one slide per prompt; I like to have 10-12 rounds, depending on grade level. TIP: have one or two slides be tie breaker slides (more on this in a moment!). You can make your prompts simpler or more complex depending on the grade level and language proficiency of your students. 

*Then, to collect the items! Each group gets a basket full of items-I have approximately 40-50 items at each table. Can be things like play food, magnetic numbers or letters, pictures, small counters, you name it. Many items cross over categories (such as a pear is both green and a fruit), which adds to the challenge as the game progresses, especially as the group starts to run out of items (an intentional feature of the game so that you will have a winner at each table).

Grab it! Game for World Language Classes

*Each student gets a plate to collect their items on. Be sure to tell them once an item is placed on the plate, it can not be switched out or traded with another. Start with the first slide, giving kids time to find an item that corresponds to the category.

*Continue in this fashion. As mentioned above, it is likely that groups will start to run out of items that fit specific categories, which is to say not all kids in the group may be able to collect an item during a particular round. 

*Once all rounds have been played, have kids count up the items on their plate. If there is a clear winner at a group, they can receive a prize (I hand out stuffies for kids to "babysit" for the rest of class). If there is a tie at a table, use the tie breaker slides to determine the winner. 

Have fun!

Link to Pequeteacher:

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