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Un elefante se balanceaba STEM Activity for Elementary Spanish Classes

UN ELEFANTE SE BALANCEABA is one of my students' favorite traditional children's songs-and mine! Fun to learn and culturally authentic, it is the perfect addition to any elementary Spanish class. Along with singing it, creating hands on activities to go along with songs and poems provides extension and tactile experience, so important in our classes. Several years ago I included this centers activity in my monthly newsletter; here it is on my blog!

-a set of small elephants (I had ordered mine from Lakeshore Learning many years ago as part of a wild animal set)
-two cups
-strips of crepe or tissue paper
-a spider web drawn on black paper

Set the two cups a little ways apart, then drape the strip of paper over them to create a ‘bridge’

Introduce the challenge: how many elephants can you place on the paper before they fall off or the paper falls/rips?

Taking turns, kids place one elephant at a time, counting in Spanish as they go. Turns continue until the elephants fall or the paper falls/rips

Group records how many elephants they had placed. They can try again to beat their record :)

You can add our FREE coloring page to the center for more fun-click here to download !

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