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Father's Day Resources for Spanish Class

FATHER'S DAY, EL DÍA DEL PADRE, LIKE MOTHER'S DAY, IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDENTS TO ENGAGE IN AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION, as it is naturally a time to put into practice greetings and short phrases that are meaningful and extremely relevant for learners. As well, it is a great way for kids to use language to communicate and brighten someone's day- their dad! Here are some links and resources to integrate Father's Day in elementary Spanish class:

Father's Day Resources in Spanish for Kids

*CANCIÓN PARA EL PAPÁ: This adorable song from Babyradio is perfect for your heritage learners!

*¿QUIÉN SE PARECE A QUIÉN? Cantoalegre video from the series 'Lolalá vamos a cantar' is absolutely adorable! I love this video, and use it with my 1st grade classes as a Video Walk. Lolalá walks about the farm with her binoculars, spying baby animals that look like their fathers. I video'd one of my lessons using this video-you can see it by clicking here!

*PAPÁ, POR FAVOR, CONSÍGUEME LA LUNA by Eric Carle is a beautiful story of a little girl and her dad who climbs up to bring the moon back to his daughter. You can find the book on Amazon, and for a video version of the book, click here.

*EL PINGÜINO EMPERADOR song by Pinkfong is super cute and celebrates 'el súper papá' :) You may know that Emperor Penguin dads are the ones who sit on the egg until it hatches, not the mother. Here is the link to the song.

*TE AMO, PAPÁ Mini Theme Pack features our adorable and very simple mini book with animals from Spanish speaking countries who also happen to be great animal dads! El coquí, el ñandú and more are included, along with simple activities & a craft students can make for their dad. Grab it by clicking here!

Te amo Papá Father's Day Theme Pack in Spanish for Kids

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