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Resources to Teach Le Temps des Sucres in French Class

LIVING HERE IN MAINE I AM KEENLY AWARE OF MAPLE SUGAR SEASON, always excited to see the buckets go up on maple trees in March, a sign spring is on it's way! As much as it is a cultural part of the northeast US, it is also a deep part of spring traditions in Canada, most especially Quebec, which is the world's largest producer of maple syrup, as in almost 80%! This lends itself perfectly to French class, with so many tastes, sights, and experiences related to sugaring season.

Resources to Teach Le Temps des Sucres in French Class

*Mouk- Le sirop d'erable: This episode features Mouk traveling to Quebec to learn more about maple sugaring season-perfect for a Video Walk!

*This video from a sugar shack in Quebec has some great shots of the equipment used to process the sap:

*Making tire à l'érable in Montreal:

*Here's a simple infographic of foods that go well with maple syrup! Click here to access the page where you can enlarge the infographic.

*PRODUCTION OF MAPLE SYRUP IN CANADA: here is a link to an infographic pertaining to statistics of maple syrup production in Canada; you will need to scroll down a bit, but it's there! :)

*POSTERS OF MAKING MAPLE SYRUP IN FRENCH: Don't miss our set of 10 posters featuring maple syrup collection, sugar shack production and more! You can find them in our shop by clicking here!

Le Temps des sucres 10 Posters Labeled in French
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*PEPPA PIG LES CRêPES: a cute, related episode from Peppa Pig in French

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