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Resources for Hanukkah in Spanish Class

I CURRENTLY HAVE A STUDENT WHO REGULARLY SHARES HIS JEWISH HERITAGE WITH ME, which is so wonderful, and I make every effort to honor and celebrate him, as I have with many Jewish students over the years. Though we may frequently focus on Christmas and Three King's Day during the month of December, it's also really nice to find ways to bring in Hanukkah as well. Below are some resources and links you might find helpful for your classes!

Resources for Teaching Hanukkah in Spanish Class

*As many of you know, I start every class with a greeting activity. During the month of December, I typically do a 'around the circle' greeting where students greet the person next to them with a wave (no handshakes this time of year due to germs!) and say either '¡Feliz navidad!' or '¡Feliz Janucá!' depending on which is celebrated by the student receiving the greeting. (You can expand this to include other holidays that are celebrated by your students, or a simple Buenos días/Buenas tardes if a student doesn't celebrate a particular holiday in December.)

*Juana la Iguana is a cute video series, including this set of Janucá songs:

*The dreidel song (el sevivón) in Hebrew with Spanish subtitles:

*Ocho kandelikas- song from Putumayo (lyrics are below the video on Youtube):

and a second version, sung by children:

Don't miss our OCHO KANDELIKAS INTERACTIVE ACTIVITY! You can grab it by clicking here. 

*If you are teaching a class of heritage speakers, this video of the history of the Dreidel might be a great resource!

*Want to play the Dreidel game in Spanish class? We've got a printable Dreidel, in both Hebrew & here to grab it! And here is the dreidel song, you could just teach the first stanza :)

Dreidel template in Spanish and Hebrew
Click here
*Curious about the Ladino language iof Sephardic Jews? This set of videos is AMAZING! Really well done, and perfect for little kiddos. Click here for the playlist :) This song, Saludos, is my particular favorite! And for a great post on incorporating the history of the Sephardic Jews, check out this one by The Woke Spanish Teacher! click here :)

Scholastic has published a new book, La Luna de Janucá, which can be purchased through their Club Leo flyer-it is on my list to buy!

and don't miss our Where are the Latkes Number Game! So much fun-and great for ANY language! Find it by clicking here

Hanukkah Latkes Game

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