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Take Action to Raise Awareness in Protection of the Spectacled Bear of South America

SPECTACLED BEARS ARE THE ONLY BEAR SPECIES IN SOUTH AMERICA and are endangered due to habitat encroachment. February 21st is Día Internacional de la Protección de los Osos, and part of this day to raise awareness is the campaign on social media #pontelosanteojosporlavida. Started by conservation organizations in Colombia, participants take a photo of themselves simulating wearing glasses, and posting it on social media with the aforementioned hashtag. Join the movement and help raise awareness for these wonderful bears! And for some additional fun, we've created free printable glasses with "fur" to simulate wearing spectacled bear glasses :) Find them here:

DON"T MISS THIS SONG 'El oso de anteojos' from Fun for Spanish Teachers- you can listen to it here on her blog, too! So cute!!!!

And for an adorable video about the campaign on Youtube:

AND DON'T MISS OUR MIRA EL MUNDO MAGAZINE ISSUE about these bears, our first issue ever! Grab it here!

Have fun and help save these beautiful bears!

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