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Mystery Pictures Listening Comprehension Activity

I'M A HUGE FAN OF LISTENING COMPREHENSION ACTIVITIES, I will admit! Yes, I want my kiddos to speak, and I think as teachers sometimes we are so eager to get our students talking that we scrimp on the listening practice, but the two really go hand in hand and giving our students plenty of listening comprehension activities is key to good foreign language teaching at any level. Here is a simple game you can adapt to any age or proficiency level by simply changing up the descriptions to suit your class.

Listening Comprehension Activity for Foreign Language Class

SELECT A SET OF IMAGES THAT COINCIDE WITH YOUR THEME and/or vocabulary you would like your students to practice. Write up a simple (or more complex) description of each picture, using target vocabulary. I like to choose some pictures which are similar to each other so that students really have to consider the entire description and the answer isn't always readily apparent. Arrange the pictures on a large piece of paper (or as a slide on Google Drive to be projected) and number each one.

Listening comprehension Activity for Foreign Language Class

YOU'RE NOW READY FOR CLASS! Read a description out loud and instruct students to write down the number corresponding to the picture they think you are describing. I have mini white boards which I love to use for this activity. Once everyone has written their answer, I go around the circle quickly and ask each kid to say out loud the number they have chosen-a great way to incorporate numbers!

Listening Comprehension Activity for Foreign Language Class

I THEN DISCLOSE THE CORRECT PICTURE, and we start again! Once students have gotten the hang of how to play, you can call up kiddos to choose a mystery picture and describe it to the class. You can play along for more fun-it's always hilarious when I am wrong!

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Have fun!

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