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Activities to Teach about Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Spanish Class

ECLIPSES ARE ALWAYS AN EXCITING EVENT, and, although they are rare, they are a fantastic opportunity to incorporate science in Spanish class, something I have found to be a HUGE motivator for my elementary students- they LOVE to learn and talk about all things having to do with science. August 21, 2017 brings us a solar eclipse visible throughout much of the US-here are some resources and ideas to bring solar and lunar eclipses to your classroom:

Activities to Teach about solar and lunar eclipses in Spanish Class

ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE VIDEO SERIES is Zamba from Argentina- this video is about a solar eclipse:

ANOTHER VIDEO I LIKE IS THIS ONE, it is well illustrated and simple- great to pause and give comprehensible input about the event:

THIS EDUCATIONAL VIDEO, LIKE THE ABOVE, can be used to introduce vocabulary and highlight various moments throughout an eclipse:

RIMAS DE COLORES has a great post with ideas to teach about both eclipses- you can read it here!

One of our readers, Kenna, kindly shared a link to this song on Cantoalegre (thank you so much!)

ANOTHER GREAT BLOG POST IS this one from CIENCIA Y LAPICERO. They've included a demonstration on how you can re-create both types of eclipses with a flashlight and balls. Neat!



  1. Hola, fist time on the comments but an old "reader" friend. Thank you so much for sharing your work and your ideas!
    There is a very pretty song by Cantoalegre. The name of the song is "Giraluna Girasol" with a beautidul video. Here is the link

    1. Thank you so much for sharing the link- I will add it to the post! Love having readers comment and share- thank you!! :) Julie

  2. This helped a ton with cross curricular work today during the solar eclipse here in Oklahoma, thank you!

    1. Dear Ezequiel,
      I am so happy to hear this! Thank you for sharing!!!
      :) Julie

  3. Great way to understand and improve our english in class, thanks for share!

    1. So glad it was of help! I apologize for not seeing your comment until today- wishing you a appy New Year! Julie