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Activities for Summer Camp Part Two, DAY 5- New Ideas for Camp Programs that Integrate Spanish Language & Culture

IT'S OUR FIFTH AND FINAL DAY OF SUMMER CAMP ACTIVITIES, and we hope you have found some great ideas, both on our blog and on Fun for Spanish Teachers! Be sure to visit Carolina's final post by clicking here! And, don't miss our activity below- a take on the traditional game 'I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing....

Activities for Summer Camp in Spanish

I ALWAYS HAD FUN WHEN I WAS A KID PLAYING the picnic game... I confess, I have a decent memory, so even when I was one of the last kids to have a turn, I could often remember what everyone else had put in the basket- but even when I could, it was still always a challenge (I LOVE challenges!). When playing with my students in Spanish class, I make a few modifications to make the task a little easier, primarily as a scaffold for vocabulary recall, which can be tricky for some kiddos.

I'm going on a picnic activity for Spanish class

BEFORE STARTING TO PLAY, I PUT OUT A SET OF FOOD IMAGES that represent vocabulary my students already know- these serve to jog the memory and help those kiddos who have a harder time coming up with a word without assistance. They also serve to corral the possibilities to those shown/ provided, which helps to move the game along.... no 'Señora, how do you say ____?' which can bog down forward movement, and the unfamiliar word is harder for the rest of the crew to remember since it is...well, unfamiliar. By scaffolding the game, everyone has a lot more fun! And, you can encourage kids to add adjectives or quantities to what they say, so instead of... 'I'm making a picnic and I'm bringing a donut', a kiddo could say 'I'm making a picnic and I'm bringing a huge, chocolate donut.' :)

Have fun!

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  1. Hi, I just notice an error in the doughnuts and cupcake images. The correct name is "la dona" and not el donut. Dona is "female" word. For the cupcake, depending on the country is "el pastelito" o "el bizcochito".

  2. Dear Liza,
    Thank you so much for noticing! As it turns out, there are many words for both of the foods you mentioned, including 'dona, donut, buñuelo, rosquilla' and for cupcake, at least 10 different variations (I did a post about it here: ). It continually amazes me the great variety in vocabulary across regions and countries! Again, I really appreciate your attention and thank you greatly for your comment! :) Julie

  3. Is there a printable for this activity? Either way, I love it!

    1. Hello Jessica!
      Yes, I have printable play food here

      I also have a set without labels, and sets in other languages as well :)

      Hope this helps! :) Julie