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Fun Earth Day Activities for Spanish Class!

EL DÍA DE LA TIERRA is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce both stewardship of our marvelous earth and associated vocabulary. There are tons of great ideas for Earth Day in Spanish are some of our favorites!

Earth Day Activities for Spanish Class

*PRACTICE COLORS while reinforcing recycling habits and knowledge! The poster below (click here to see the pin) can be projected on a white board/ Smart board or printed out and placed in a pocket chart to use in a simple sorting activity to practice colors. Prior to the activity, gather together a series of pictures of things that can be recycled (a great source is your grocery flyer, just cut out pictures of different foods, items and containers)- in class introduce the poster, indicating what type of item goes in each colored recycling container. Then, hold up an item to be recycled and have the class tell you which color container it should go in. Continue in this manner until all things are "recycled" :)

Activities to Incorporate Recycling in Spanish Class

*MOVIE TALK with this video from el Ministerio de Salud de la Nación Argentina. For students with more language, this video is a great opportunity to practice vocabulary.

*POCOYÓ comes through once more with two videos I particularly like for Earth Day, one focusing on a seed (so cute!) and the other reminds us to keep the environment clean, a la The Lorax. With both the above video and these, you can keep it really simple by using yes/no and either/or questions, along with simple questions aimed at colors, size, how many of something, what's in the frame, etc. Here are the links:

*MUSTI is originally a Dutch cartoon that has been translated into several languages, and is super cute! Here is a perfect video for cleaning up garbage and keeping the environment clean (the French version is here!)

Spanish Playground features this great activity to reinforce recycling. A fill in the blank activity is paired with a photo from Paraguay, and the post also includes additional links for more Earth Day activities.

For more advanced students this site from 'Mi Planeta' Discovery Kids has a host of great information geared towards protecting the earth and its inhabitants. We are very partial to the tab 'Santuarios de animales' highlighting animals in danger in Spanish speaking countries. Check it out here!

How about 'En la Tierra' Memory? FREE in our TpT shop, our printable Memory game features 20 cards to match focusing on high frequency vocabulary such as 'la Tierra', 'un árbol', 'una flor', 'una mariposa' and more- print them out, affix to stiff paper- students match word to picture while having fun! Download our game here.

And don't miss this song by Ana Calabrese of Spanish Plus Me- a beautiful homage to our planet! You can listen to it by clicking here!

AND FOR A GREAT THEME PACK including THREE mini books plus additional activities, grab ours by clicking here!


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