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Chocolate caliente mmmmm!

It's that time of year, the days are getting colder and you just want to snuggle up with a warm cup of hot chocolate...o sea, chocolate caliente! I'm not a big fan of packet-made hot chocolate- but Mexican? Ay, pero sí!

Every year I make a big batch of chocolate caliente for my students, usually either my Kinders or First Graders (that's enough for 60-85 kids each grade level depending on the year!), we learn the Bate, bate, chocolate song, and have fun sending the molinillo around so kiddos can try it out. Here is a basic recipe with amounts adjusted in parenthesis indicating enough for a class of 20 kiddos. Note: when serving to my class, I usually fill a styrofoam cup about 1/2 way to be sure everyone gets a taste.

2 tazas de leche (un galón de leche)
una ramita de canela (2-3 ramitas de canela)
una tablilla de chocolate (6 tablillas de chocolate, a veces más)

-Poner la leche en una olla o cacerola con la ramita de canela
-Calentarla hasta que esté a punto de hervir
-Agregar la tablilla de chocolate a la leche y dejar que se derrite
-Retirar del fuego y quitar la ramita de canela
-Batir el chocolate con un molinillo hasta que se espume
-Servir en tazas

UPDATE: Using a crockpot makes this process so much easier. To do: put all the ingredients in the crockpot, set it on low and have it do it's magic for about 2 hours. So easy!!

dos molinillos

Now in English :)
2 cups of milk (1 gallon of milk)
1 cinnamon stick (2-3 cinnamon sticks)
one bar of Mexican chocolate (6 bars of Mexican chocolate, sometimes more)

To Prepare:
-Put the milk in a pot with the cinnamon stick
-Warm the milk until it is just about to boil
-Add the chocolate and let it melt into the milk
-Remove from the stove and take out the cinnamon stick
-Beat the hot chocolate with a molinillo (or beater if you don't have one) until it is frothed
-Serve in a cup :)

If you are inspired to make chocolate caliente, let me know! And visit our TpT store to find our minibook 'Olivia hace chocolate caliente' + Activity Pack

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  1. I made chocolate caliente mexicano last year in the crock pot and it was a big hit, I wish the chocolate was less expensive but oh well, asi es la vida! Gracias por todo!

    1. It definitely can get expensive making food for kids; sometimes I ask parents if they would be able to donate a few ingredients to defray costs-I am extremely lucky to have great families in my district who are always willing to help out.