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Villancicos Song Props for Christmas Movement Fun!

MY ELEMENTARY SPANISH STUDENTS LOVE SONGS that involve movement, and I love them, too! Actions and acting out songs reinforces the vocabulary presented in context via the song, and provides that all important movement component little squirrels need. Since it is the holiday season, my Kindergartners have loads of fun with 'Burrito Sabanero', a long time favorite of's how you can incorporate it in class:

burrito sabanero villancico song props

*MY GOAL FOR THIS VILLANCICO with my Kindergartners is to expose them to the song, without expecting them to learn every word. I concentrate on the repetitive lines 'si me ven, si me ven, voy camino de Belén' for their initial exposure. For the movement component, I made a printable donkey hobby horse (double sided) and attached it to a yardstick- you could use any hobby horse available or find a picture of a donkey in a magazine or online and attach it to a yard stick. Choose a student to "ride" the donkey and hit play- while everyone is tapping their toe, the rider gallops around the circle. Stop the music after the first stanza and hand the donkey off to another student, stopping the music again after the next stanza. Continue in this manner until the end of the song. You can then either play the song again so that everyone has a turn, or play the song/game over the course of a few classes to ensure turns all around.

WANT OUR PRINTABLE DONKEY HOBBY HORSE? You can find it along with our other Villancico Song Props here:

Villancicos Song Props

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