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It's a Piñata Round-Up! Resources, DIY instructions and Tips for Piñatas in the Spanish Classroom

WHO DOESN'T LOVE A PIÑATA? Full of fun and candy, a piñata is always a treat...and it's a great way to bring culture and excitement to your Spanish classroom. I've rounded up some great resources, DIY instructions, and my own tips for bringing piñatas to your class. Here goes:

*HISTORY OF THE PIÑATA- There are a host of great resources regarding how the piñata came about. I particularly love this video from 6 Grados de Separación:

This infographic, though perhaps a bit detailed for young students, is a still a great visual and pieces of it can be pulled out for the classroom.
Here's a link to it on Pinterest
And just for fun:

*MINI PIÑATAS- I can't get enough of them, they are just so cute! Here are several versions, some more involved than others. Some would be perfect for an after school project or club, while others would be great for in class construction- or, team up with the art teacher and go crazy! I've provided links to the DIY instructions underneath each photo.

The classic burro shape:

Find DIY Instructions Here
These paper cup piñatas are easy to put together- here are two versions:
DIY Instructions Here 

And these:
DIY Instructions Here
This one doesn't come with instructions, but I am assuming a hollow ball of sorts for the center, and foil covered pointed paper cups or cones. Super lovely!

Another paper cup rendition- wow, how easy!

Instructions Here
How about using toilet paper rolls? Simply adorable!

DIY Instructions Here
*OK, YOU'VE GOT THE IDEA with those adorable mini piñatas! How about a regular size one? The star shaped piñata is definitely a go to shape as it has historical significance and is often seen at Christmas time. Here's a great tutorial: 

DIY Instructions
And a video tutorial en español- love it!

Perhaps you have lots of classes like I do, and don't want to make a paper mache piñata- but still want to bring the fun of one into your classroom... how about a paper bag piñata? I've done these and my students were just as excited as if it were a paper mache one. Here are illustrated instructions:

*TIPS FOR WHOLE CLASS PIÑATAS: When filling a piñata for the whole class, divvy up the items into small snack ziplock bags- this avoids one kiddo getting tons of candy and someone else getting hardly any. Evenly portioned out candy makes everyone much happier!

And, don't forget, you don't have to stuff a piñata just with candy- try stickers, little erasers, small toys, pencils, or even play money- my kiddos love the pesos I print out!

*HERE ARE TWO GREAT BOOKS about piñatas, one a legend and one a non fiction story of a master piñatero:
Pancho's Piñata by Stefan Czernecki
is a legend of the first piñata in México
The Piñata Maker/ El Piñatero by George Ancona
tells the story of a master piñata maker in México
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Have some piñata fun!